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Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of dedicated professionals with vast experience in the direct
selling industry. We strongly believe that everyone in the world has the right to attain better health and to create their own personal success story. Please click on the thumbnail to know more.
Founded in January 2014 headquarters in World Trade Centre Bangalore. First Indian Direct Selling company with a Global Vision. Associate company of Olive Lifesciences Bangalore, Bio-Active Corporation (New Jersey) Bio-Active Japan Corporation(Tokyo), Bio-Active Europe Corporation (Frankfurt), Titan Aviations (Dubai). Olive Lifesciences is the best exporter Award Winner, Govt. of India for the past 2 Consecutive years Owning 6 Manufacturing units and in house R & D division. Empowering rural India by cultivating over 35000 acres through 8500 farmers. A 100% Export oriented company out of which over 90% goes to top quality conscious markets such as United States, European Union and Japan. Fortune 2000 Clients Includes DHC Japan, USANA USA etc.
Objectives Philosophy
Establish a direct selling MNC which people can rely on for a life time. With World Class Exclusive Herbal products and proper compensation to the distributors for their efforts. We strongly believe that everyone in the world has the right to attain better health and wealth.
Vision Mission
We aspire to be the most dynamic and Sustainable Community Commerce Company in the world. We are committed to provide world class wellness & Nutrition products and help to enrich lives of every distributor and customer associated with us.
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